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(hildren af poreigi) JV\issioi)9ries, 



Presbyterian Homes 

Children of Foreign Missionaries, 




'Westminster Home. 

NOTE. — Tl\e Westrqirister Horqe, of ^^il^icti We 
Y\ere give a vieW, is iiiterided for t]\e youriger 
boys and for all tY\e girls. It is situated or] Col- 
lege fiveriile, about tl)ree or foiir squares frori] 
tr\e Ur|iVersity, 

Tlr^e lyivirigstorie Horr\e, for all boys over 
twelve years of age, is still fearer t]\e Ur|iVer- 
sity ^h}itl\ its beautifully st[aded canipus of 
riearly tt\irty acres, arid of tlye gyrrmasiunq arid 
its corriplete outfit, iricludirig batt\s. TYiUs t\\e 
locatiori is all tl|at could be desired, 

BOUT one yea* ago an offer was made to the Foreign Board 
/nT of $5,000 on condition that |i5,ooo more was secured 
for the establishment of two homes at Wooster, Ohio, 
where the children of missionaries in active service could 
have the comforts and advantages of a home, while receiving 
an education. Every one who has given any thought to the 
question knows that it becomes necessary to send the children 
away at about the age of eight or nine years, sometimes sooner, 
for the double reason of withdrawing them from the unfavorable 
surroundings which a residence among the heathen or the senii- 
Christianized people offers, and also in order that they may be 
educated in the regular way in which others are. 

This offer of ^5000 was conditioned upon the Board securing 
|i5,ooo additional. In a surprisingly short time after the offer 
was accepted and the project made known, the entire amount was 
secured. The board considered it wise to fix the minimum 
subscription from any one individual or church at |ioo. 
They did this in accordance with their known rule not to 
allow special objects to interfere with the steady inflow of small 

It will be gratifying to all who are interested, to know that 
the two properties on which the total estimate was based have been 

purchased for the sum of less than |i8,ooo ; but necessary repairs 
and some additions will consume the whole amount contributed, 
and something additional. Nowhere could more admirably located 
houses have been found, or any better adapted for the purpose. 
Bach is surrounded by ample and beautifully improved grounds. 
The larger one, intended for the girls and small boys, has been for 
years the home of Rev. Dr. Taylor, formerly the President of 
Wooster University. The other, for the elder boys until through 
college, was the residence of Professor Stoddart, also of Wooster 
University. These details are given in order that those interested 
ttiay have a clearer idea of what has been done. 

The Board of Managers has been formed, composed of twelve 
ladies, four of whom are residents of Wooster. An Advisory Com- 
mittee of three clergyman in Wooster, includes President Scovel 
of the University. The entire management is subject to the ap- 
proval of the Board of Foreign Missions, as the homes are ' 'for the 
strengthening of the work in the Foreign field." The first regu- 
lar meeting of the board will be held on the first Tuesday of June. 

The question of furnishing those two houses is not a small 
matter. The more extended the co-operation the better. One way 
would be for each room to be in a sense a memorial of some one 
dear to the giver of the amount required. Could a more suitable 
object be found than thus to provide for the children of our 
Church ? The approximate cost of furnishing a single room would 
be about I75 ; and a larger room, intended for two or three (never 
more), about f 100. Then the parlors, library, in each house, and 


other apartments, including play room, infirmary, or nursery, 
would average from f loo to $200 each. If any who read this rec- 
ognize the appropriateness of such a memorial for some child, or 
parent, will they not write to Mrs. S.F. Scovel, Vice President, or to 
Mrs. Horatio Brown, Secretary, Wooster, Ohio, and learn the par- 
ticulars if this is not sufficiently explicit. 

The further sum of I500 per year was offered at the same time 
toward the maintenance of the homes, provided f 1,500 more per an- 
num was promised. Only a small part of this |i,500 has been of- 
fered, and it is well to say that this sum can be made up of any 
amount, from $25 upwards, provided it is promised as a regular 
annual contribution. 

Nothing need be said of the blessed prospects opening before 
parents and children through the provision made in the establish- 
ment of these homes. The amount to be paid by each child is 
$150 per annum, which it will readily be seen will go but a short 
way toward the cost of the support of each. Tuition will be furn- 
isked free in the excellent schools and in the University, and every 
good influence will surround the children. 

Much more could be said, but space will not permit. This is 
the Lord's own work and it is a blessed privilege to have a share 
in it for his sake. O . 

May 10, 1893. 


First: The object in establishing these Homes is the streng- 
thening of the foreign missionary work, by providing for the home 
life of the children of missionaries in such a way as to enable the 
parents to remain at their posts in the foreign, field. 

Second: Only the children of those actively engaged in for- 
eign thissionary work in connection with the Board of Foreign 
.Missions of the Presbyterian Church in the U. S. A. shall be en- 
titled to apply for the privileges of the homes. 

Third: The Homes shall be under the direction of a Board of 
Managers, consisting of twelve ladies, assisted by an Advisory 
Committee of three gentlemen, both, with their successors, to be 
chosen by the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian 
Church in the U. S. A., as provided in the action of said board 
taken at its session February 20th, 1893, and which is as follows: 

J. "That the Homes be under the supervision of a Board of 
Managers, consisting of twelve ladies elected by the Board of For- 
eign Missions, arranged in classes of four each. Of the first board 
to be chosen, the first class to serve for three years, the second for 


two and the third for one, subsequent classes to serve for three 
years each ; said Board of Managers to be appointed by and respon- 
sible to the Board of Foreign Missions, the character arid limits of 
their supervision to be determined later. 

2. That a committee of three gentlemen, residents of Wooster, 
Ohio, be appointed by the Board of Foreign Missions as an Ad- 
visory Committee who shall advise with the Board of Managers 
when requested. The members of the first committee shall serve 
respectively one, two and three years, and thereafter the members 
pf the committees shall serve three years each, the Board of I'or- 
eign Missions electing one annually. " 

Fourth: The Board of Managers shall be divided into three 
classes of four each to serve for three years, subject to re-election, 
it lieing understood that the classes already chosen shall serve re- 
spectively one, two and three years, as provided in the action of the 
l5oard of Foreign Missions cited above. 

The officers of the board shall be a President, Vice President, 
Secretary and Treasurer, whose duties shall be those ordinarily 
pertaining to such positions. 

Fifth: Four members of the board, residents in Wooster, shall 
constitute an Executive Committee of which the President shall 
be an ex-officio member, said committee to have general oversight 
of the Homes under the direction of the Board of Managers. The 
board either directly, or through its Executive Committee, shall 
furnish to the Board of Foreign Missions a quarterly report, in- 
cluding a statemeni of all monies received and expended. Neither 


the Board of Managers or the Executive Committee shall have 
power to contract debts or to make extensive alterations without 
the authority of the Board of Foreign Missions. 

Sixth: The Executive Committee under general direction of 
the Board of Managers shall employ suitable persons as matrons 
of the homes, and directly or indirectly such help as may from 
time to time be necessary. It shall also receive and act on all 
applications for admission to the homes, forwarding the same 
to the boards for approval. 

Seventh: The board shall meet annually in Wooster, Ohio, 
on the first Tuesday in June, and at such other times as the Exec- 
utive Committee may deem wise. 



First: The Board of Managers, together with the Advisory 
Committee, shall meet annually in Wooster, Ohio, on the first 
Tuesday of June. 

Second: The meeting shall be opened with reading of scrip- 
tures and prayer. 

Third: The Secretary shall read the minutes of all meetings 
held during the year, including those of the preceeding annual 

Fourth: The Executive Committee shall meet every month. 
At these monthly meetings all bills against the homes can be pre- 

Fifth: The Treasurer will, after the bills have been approved 
by the Executive Committee, pay the same on order of the Presi- 
dent or Vice President. 

Sixth: All' payments for boarding shall be made to the 
Treasurer. Quarterly payments are desirable. 

Seventh: If a child by permission of its parents and the 
board, shall spend one week or more in visiting friends elsewhere 


a credit at the rate of three dollars (I3.00) per week shall be 
placed to his or her account. 

Bighth; "The Westminister Home" is to be occupied by all 
girls, and by boys under the age of twelve years. ' 'The Livings- 
tone Home" by all boys of twelve years and upwards. 

Ninth: These by-laws can be amended by a three-fourths 
vote of the board, provided notice is given, in writing, three 
months prior to the annual meeting, and all such changes are sub- 
mitted to the Board of Foreign Missions for approval. 


Mrs. WiIvLIAM Thaw, Pres. Mrs. S. F. Scovkl, Vice Pres. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. Wooster, O. 

Mrs. Horatio W. Brownk, Sec. Mrs. Jacob Frick, Treas. 

Wooster, O. Wooster, O. 

Mrs. Charles Arbuthnot, 

Pittsburgh, E. E., Pa. 

Mrs. Bknjamtne A. Brown, 

Columbus, O. 

Mrs. O. a. Hills, 

Wooster, O. 

Mrs. E. H. Huntingdon, 

891 Prospect St., Cleveland, O. 

Mrs. J. H. McKelvy, 

Pittsburgh, E. E., Pa. 

Mrs. Thomas McDougall, 

Cincinnati, O. 

Mrs. a. a. E. Taylor, 

239 state St., Columbus, O. 

Mrs. William Woods, 

434 W. sixth St., Cincinnati, O. 


REV. S. F. ScovEL, D. D., REV. O. A. HiLLS, D. D., 

Wooster, O. Wooster, O. 

Rev. T. J. Kirkwood, D. D., 

Wooster, O.